Jackie Rosenbeck
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i miss you.  / Susan Smith (Daughter)  Read >>
i miss you.  / Susan Smith (Daughter)
dear mom,
       i love you very much and miss you every day. there is not a day that goes by that i don't think of you. kevin and i think of you everyday. we miss you so very much and it is hard to think that you will not be there to see our child grow up. this sunday is mother's day it will be the 1st one without you and it is hard but we are holding up. we love you. i love you. elizabeth misses you and everyone misses.
Proud / Michael Hecker   Read >>
Proud / Michael Hecker
Your mother would be so proud of you. WIsh that I had the chance to met her. If she's anything like her daughter, she is a sweet and wonderful person.

Love You,
    Michael H. Close