Jackie Rosenbeck
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jackie Rosenbeck who was born in Florida on February 25, 1959 and passed away on December 20, 2006 at the age of 47. We will remember her forever. my mother was a loving wife to my father steve Rosenbeck they were married for 23 years. she was a mother to chris, michael, susan, mary. and elizabeth. susan and elizabeth were her only living children left when she passed. she is with michael chris and mary now. my mother was a kind generous person who always liked to help people and was always understanding about anything she would support her family in watever they chose to do with her life. we miss her and she will remain in our hearts forever, she was the type of person that once they walked into their life they will remember them forever. She was very young and died at such an early age. She will never get to see her daughter Elizabeth do the things that she should be doing with her mother like graduation marraige and having a family. Elizabeth is very loss with out her mother and her best friend

my mother was my best friend in life. i could talk to her about anything whenever i needed her she was there. when i needed a shoulder to cry on she was there. she never turned away from me and i will never forget that.
 Thank you, Mom

Thank you Mom
Thank you Mom

Where I come from
Mom is the word for some

To my Mom
I send you my loving storm
in 'Thank you' forms

Thank you Mom, for bringing me to earth
Thank you Mom, for showing me daily love
Thank you Mom, for being my best friend
Thank you Mom, for your reassuring words
Thank you Mom, for always been there

I may have let you down a few times
But you always forgive me my crimes

Mom you are the best
Mom you are better than all the rest
Mom, I love you, I love you.

mom you are and will always be my angel no matter where you are. and even though you are not here in person i know that you are still with me in everyway that you can be.

mom some people may say that i love you too much but i don't think that is possible. sometimes i think that i don't love you enough i miss you so much i think of you everyday often times i find myself in your room in your bed crying cause i miss you that much.

I know u don't like it when i wore your jewerly or your clothes but many people now tell me that you wouldn't have mind i hope you don't. lots of days i will wear something that use to belong to you just because i want to feel closer to you then i do on different days i hope that is okay.  some days i miss you so much i feel like i can not get out of bed and get through the day. but in my heart i know that is not wat u would have wanted so as hard as it is to get through each day without you i struggle to do so and it is very hard.

mom you are the greatest and for some weird reason that is totally unfair you are no longer here with me. you can't see me marry my fiance. yes mom i met someone who isn't like people that i ahve dated before he asked me to marry him a week ago and i said yes i am happy here is a pic of him  he is amazing and he has been nothing but there for me since i lost you. you would love him and he wishes he had a chance to meet you. i love him so much.

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i miss you.   / Susan Smith (Daughter)
dear mom,       i love you very much and miss you every day. there is not a day that goes by that i don't think of you. kevin and i think of you everyday. we miss you so very much and it is hard to think that you will no...  Continue >>
Proud  / Michael Hecker
Your mother would be so proud of you. WIsh that I had the chance to met her. If she's anything like her daughter, she is a sweet and wonderful person.

Love You,
    Michael H.
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